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My little nutshell

20 May 1986
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  • caz_in_a_teacup@livejournal.com
Hello! I'm caz_in_a_teacup. You may know me by other names, such as: caz, cazzaline105, Carrot, carrotline, carotline... Or you may not.

Currently I'm obsessed with Harry Potter Fanfiction. I have had other obsessions, but I think I'm here to stay. Until, that is, I get kicked out of Uni for doing no work, can't pay for internet access and start suffering severe withdrawal symptoms.

I'm English, despite a sudden and worrying tendency to use Americanisms in speech. I cut down on the amount of Third Watch fan fiction I was reading, and that seems to have abated a little, to the relief of my mother, who was starting to worry that I was some sort of doppelganger.

To be honest, most of my lj time is spent on communities rather than posting on my journal, so it's not exactly thrilling. Anyone is welcome to friend me, though.

Being a picnic addict, (with a new picnic hamper!) I've started picnicaddicts. It's a new community, so it needs members! What are you waiting for?