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4hrs 20

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Jul. 21st, 2007 | 04:24 am

Well, I've finished. Took me 4hrs 20, including queueing, buying the book and walking a mile home again in the dark. Okay, so I'd got to page 36 before I bought the book. And page 45 by the time I left the shop. But then it was too dark for me to read on the way home. I tried.

First impressions: Great beginning. Dudley! And Petunia almost turning back to say something and changing her mind. The escape from Privet Drive... great.

The epilogue bit irritated me. It was like the soppiest fan fiction. And can we not have some new names, please? At least Hermione insisted on new names. Though Hugo? Please.

Wooo Neville.

I had never considered the possibility that Snape was not loyal to Dumbledore when I read HBP, but this did have me wondering for a bit. I still don't like the idea that Snape was besotted with Lily from such an early age. I really don't see him growing up so close to her. Loved Dumbledore's backstory, though I thought that Elphias Doge's obit could have been edited a bit. Too much too soon.

I think a rereading will very soon be in order. Maybe a few hours sleep first. I think that might help me better grasp the mechanics of various bits and pieces.

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